The Hundreds X Garfield

The Hundreds X Garfield

As we all know, The Hundreds stay consistent with their regular release of collaborations. This month brings the release of the second collab with our favourite cartoon cat, Garfield. After the first collab in 2010, The Hundreds have teamed up with Jim Davis to create this second collection. The brand depicts some classic imagery on a range of garments, as well as some exclusive custom work by Jim Davis celebrating all that is Garfield.

bobby hundreds

the hundreds

Garfield as a character has always been relatable to audiences of all ages, and even now, almost 40 years after his creation, the attitude and outlook of this sleepy cat is still relevant to milenials these days. This is one of the many reasons the collab was put into motion. Garfield is a recognisable character to most people, even if they weren't brought up on the cartoons. 


Garfield has starred in his own movies, worked his way into video games, and has even had a stage musical created in his honor. He’s had art installations dedicated to him, T-shirts with his face plastered on them, and even a Twitter account documenting the vast array of unworldly Garfield miscellaneous merchandise (both real and bootleg)

It’s no wonder that Garfield is a household name, and one of the most recognizable cats in the world, resting comfortably on his laurels next to Felix, Heathcliff, and more recently, Grumpy Cat.

the hundreds x garfield

The all over prints on this collection make it very eye catching and a good representation of the life of a cartoon cat plastered all over tees, hoodies, long sleeves and even a set of pajamas. Also featured in this collab is a detailed denim jacket which maintains the clothing brands quality, with the imagery of the cartoon as a big patch on the back of the jacket. 


The collab releases on our website at 8am, Thursday May the 3rd, and will be available instore Thursday from 10am.