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Paterson League. Made for Play

Paterson League. Made for Play
German Nieve is a semi pro skater hailing from New Jersey who in 2015 took his sharp skating skills and applied them to creating his own brand.

Having started off in the retail industry in his early teens and with pro skating deep in his roots, this gave him essential knowledge and skills to bring the Paterson brand to reality.

There are obvious nods to the sport he has been part of and the styles of the streets of Paterson NJ.

Inspirations for any given collection are drawn from a wide array of subject matter – from tennis icon Andre Agassi’s effortless style both on and off the court to the continental cool of Steve McQueen.

Currently the brand has seen notable success. Supreme are among a number of high profile stores stocking Paterson and demand is growing.

Nieve is carefully selecting retailers that help tell the story of Paterson and we are very proud to be joining that family.

Our first drop from Paterson League will be coming very soon.

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