In their first release of 2018, Ageless Galaxy take inspiration from their recent activities and have jumped into "hyperdrive", locking onto their course through the galaxy. The brand has shown a lot of consistency with every POD collection they release, from design creativity to a quality and comfortable final product; and this one's no different. 


Co-owners of the brand, Tamish Aswani and Giorgi Krisno have some of the highest quality designs on the market. There is a clear and creative direction to the brand, who stay true to what they know while constantly improving and turning heads. This is made obvious with pieces such as the Glitch tee, Crescent tee and AAGGLLXXYY tee featured in POD 007.  

The Glitch tee in particular was originally a homage to the late Professor Stephen Hawking, who recently became one with the cosmos. After Hawkins death, the brand pushed to showcase this tee as it represents "the noodle effect" theorised by Professor Hawking.

Regarding the Crescent tee, the brands idea of running their own space camp or academy is the inspiriation behind this design. The tee is a statement to uniform and represents what their offical camp shirts would look like. Nobody said you can't look good while learning about the galaxy. 

Finally, the AAGGLLXXYY tee is based off the theory that our universe is one of many, making up a multiverse. Through design, AGLXY have tapped into the idea that there may be a chance of many versions of us exist; illustrated by Jet Li's, The One.

POD collection 007 is the first to feature a more technical approach to a jacket with the Overdrive Jacket 007. After the immense popularity of the brand's coach jackets, they decided to create this all purpose jacket to carry a bit more weight. Another first is the release of the L750 crewneck sweatshirt. It features pockets similar to that of a pullover hoodie and the attention to detail is at their usual high standard. 

The team will continue to push the "Whatever It Takes" graphic, this time in new colours and variants. The phrase is rapidly approaching Iconic status and the brand show no signs of slowing down on their voyage. The design is based off the drive we all share to overcome the obstacles in our lives. Now the fight continues in our common pursuit for our passion and dreams at all costs.


POD Collection 007 is now available in store and online at

Once again this is a UK exclusive from the brand so don't miss out!