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Ageless Galaxy POD005

Ageless Galaxy POD005
Ageless Galaxy is not another same old U.S street brand...Quite the opposite! Hailing from Indonesia, these guys are doing something which has got us very excited indeed! Main Source always strive to introduce new brands to the market but we think we have really got something special right here. Ageless Galaxy concentrates on attention to detail on every piece of product they produce to make sure everything is at the absolute highest quality with every item being cut and sew and at a price point which is literally out of this world! They have just collaborated with sportswear giant Nike on a project and are the process of doing something for a huge German Car Manufacturer

#PODCOLLECTIONS - That's how they work. Every drop is limited and is called a Pod and we proudly introduce POD 005...

005 showcases Ageless Galaxy’s relentless drive to keep moving forward. Each graphic highlights progression and rebirth with a “fuck you attitude”. The collection highlights a homage to the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour, which was built from the ashes of the fallen Challenger. The orbiter helped give birth to the International Space Station, mankind’s research lab for outer space exploration.

Space Shuttle Endeavour was known for repairing Hubble Telescope’s blurry lenses to continue scanning our universe. The Endeavour inspired us to be more resilient in reaching for the stars with renewed conviction in following the light.

Ageless also introduce to you their first custom script for the introduction collection. Passionate about the art of type, this second custom script is a continued exploration on what can be done for our love of design.

Ageless Galaxy PODCOLLECTION 005 is available now exclusively at Main Source in the UK right now via our website and in store!

We literally can't wait for POD 006...

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Ageless Galaxy POD 005

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