Ageless Galaxy x STAPLE

Ageless Galaxy x STAPLE

This project arrives just two months after our homies AGLXY opened the doors to their first flagship bricks and mortar store in JAKARTA right in the middle of a World Pandemic.

Jeff Staple is an all around creative visionary based in New York City. As the founder of Reed Art Department (formerly known as Staple Design), Jeff heads a creative consulting firm and a lifestyle brand in one and has been paving the way for streetwear brands and designers alike since 1997. Ageless Galaxy (abbreviated ‘AGLXY’) is a lifestyle brand from Jakarta, Indonesia that’s inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Through working with like minded individuals, their ultimate goal is to infuse value in everything they do in order to make a mark in this never ending galaxy.

Two brands and two urban metropoles from opposite ends of the globe come together during unprecedented times to inspire creative mindsets and to spread a positive social contagion.

The capsule features three graphic T-shirts, a long-sleeve and a set of accessories, emblazoned with a handful of vibrant imagery, like quirky takes on Staple’s iconic pigeon motif, bubble letters and big logos. One noteworthy piece is a graphic T-shirt printed with the words “A POSITIVE SOCIAL CONTAGION,” an ethos the two labels hope to spread in this collaboration from JKT-NYC. Another highlight in the capsule is a grey tee displaying an illustrated interpretation of “Jeff Staple as a New York pigeon.” A small portrait of the pigeon is printed at the front, while the back boasts a full-body graphic of the character holding a baseball bat. A subtle nod to the classic RL POLO bear. Besides other garments in the range, like the black long-sleeve and white T-shirt, the capsule also features an enamel pin, a key chain of the AGLXY Mascot TERRY the Space Shuttle coloured up in the famous STAPLE Camo and a multi sticker pack including various graphics from the capsule. 

Spreading a contagion of social positivity around the world since infinity.

AGLXY x STAPLE Collaboration will be available exclusively in the UK here at MAIN SOURCE and will release with us ONLINE Saturday 16th January 2021 at 08:00 GMT .