The Hundreds x Looney Tunes Label Beanie - Black

The Hundreds x Looney Tunes Label Beanie - Black

Product code:THXLTA001

Fall 2018 Drop from The Hundreds.

The Hundreds in collaboration with Warner Bros brings the Looney Tunes ACME Collection.

The ACME Corporation is arguably one of the most important “characters” in Looney Tunes’ history.

The brand's products and contraptions always seemed to catastrophically backfire, punctuating the animated series' slapstick humor.

The fictional company seemed to produce every product imaginable to aid Wile E. Coyote in his endless pursuit of the Road Runner.

You could always count on an ACME product to fail—and in that way they were always reliable.

The Hundreds x Looney Tunes ACME Collection is a military-themed line inspired by Wile E. Coyote’s storylines.

The assortment features military silhouettes done in upgraded fabrics and refined fit

The Hundreds designers also incorporated ‘70s-era artwork and embellishment placements throughout the collection’s garments to convey Wile E. Coyote’s ongoing Sisyphean pursuit of Road Runner using ACME branded products.
Beanie offering from The Hundreds for Fall 2018

+ The Hundreds x Looney Tunes Label Beanie Black
+ Acrylic fine knit beanie
+ The Hundreds X ACME label sewn on front crown and cuff
+ New Era logo embroidered on wearer’s left side
+ One size fits most


Release Date:
Fall 2018
BrandThe Hundreds

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