KangaRoos x Bracenet Omnirun MIG -

KangaRoos x Bracenet Omnirun MIG - "Ocean 72" - Ocean Blue

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KangaRoos x Bracenet Omnirun MIG - "Ocean 72" - Ocean Blue

Spring 2019 release from KangaROOS The *Ocean 72* by KangaROOS is way more than your typical lifestyle sneaker. This exclusive product, handcrafted in Germany, is limited to 380 pairs worldwide. Its upper is primarily made of recycled plastic bottles. Every sneakerbox contains a keychain produced by Bracenet (bracenet.net), made of old fishing nets that strayed in the deeps of the Ocean – cleaned and optimized for its new use. The focus is on our Planet. We want to make people think about what each and everyone of us is doing to nature – more or less indirectly – especially when it comes to the 72% of water that covers the world. We chose the *Omnirun* as a style to work on – a hybrid combination of KangaROOS classical Omnicoil, from which the sneaker got its upper – and the sole unit of the Ultimate, a long time runner out of the ROOS heritage archives (nowadays successfully used on many products). KangaROOS is quite well known for producing sneakers with a sustainable back- ground, having loads of collaborations handmade by craftsmen from around the world near the headquarter in Pirmasens. Using only the highest quality in leathers and also non-animal-based resources. The collaboration with Bracenet on the *Ocean 72* arouse of the wish to have more impact on the motive of showing people what’s going on in the Seas. There are around 640.000 tons of fishing net in the Oceans which were lost by accident or drowned on purpose. Another 10.000 tons have to be added each year.1 According to the UN that’s 10% of the Sea pollution caused by humans. The so called “ghost nets” float in the water for 600 years or longer – being a deadly trap for Dolphins, Whales, Seals, Sharks, Turtles and every other Sea creature swimming towards them. Bracenet produces one of a kind keychains and bracelets Bracenet is on the hunt for those ghost nets in cooperation with well known marine pro- tectors like Healthy Seas und Ghost Fishing. After this procedure the nets are washed and transformed into art - a stylish statement for the protection of Sea wildlife! And that’s not just a symbol - 10% of each product sold are supporting Healthy Seas and their work! Meanwhile even the fishing industry is getting in contact with Bracenet directly to give them their old or broken nets. Also private persons are collecting pieces of net they find at the beaches! Every Bracenet means less ghost nets in the Oceans - and that’s a statement people can wear on their wrists (and also as a keychain) to show their support and make it obvious to others. By the way, Bracenet was just voted “Green Product Award“ winner (gp-award.com) in the “Fashion“ category.
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Omnirun release from KangaROOS for Spring 2019

+ KangaRoos x Bracenet Omnirun MIG "Ocean 72" Ocean Blue
+ Recycled Plastic bottle Mesh
+ Premium Suede Uppers
+ Leather Lining
+ Suede KangaROOS tongue label
+ EVA-midsole
+ Micro-perforated details
+ Rubber outsole

Ocean Blue

Release Date:
Spring '19

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