The Hundreds Fall 18

The Hundreds Fall 18

The Hundreds Fall 18

Packed full of cosy sweaters and jackets, The Hundreds Fall 18 collection is on the way to Main Source. After celebrating their 15th anniversary, The Hundreds gives us a first look at Fall 18; which includes a variety of outerwear and relaxed-fit garments. We also see the use of new graphics and logos, printed on tees, jakets and coats. 

Also in the collection, are football-style jerseys, branded tees, hoodies and hats, and an all white jacket spattered in logos and branding. Within the catagory of coats and jacket, we see a good range of materials used for each piece. The materials include sherpa fleece, an anorak, a branded varsity jacket, and a quilted pullover. 

The tees have a oversized look about them, with skatewear vibes which come in a range of colours and patterns. Lastlly, we see military influences in the form of a multi-pocketed vest and baggy cargo pants.

Drop 1 of The Fall 18 collection from The Hundreds is on the way, and will be with us soon, so keep an eye on our socials for any updates!