Raised By Wolves FW18

Raised By Wolves FW18

Canadian streetwear giant Raised By Wolves Fall/Winter 18 has arrived and we are excited for everyone to see it. The collection is what you would expect from the brand, with high quality materials and unique accessories. We see the usual branded tees and hoodies, such as the "Vaporwave" tee, the "Registered Box Logo" tee, and the "Twister" tee. The "Twister" logo is also used on a heather grey, premium 400 GSM 100% cotton fleece hoodie. The other hoodie included in the collection is the "Vintage Varsity" premium hooded sweatshirt, which features a small embroidered script logo on the front, and a large printed logo on the back. 

There are some stand out pieces from the collection, including the polartech shearling vest, which features ribbed neck and side panels, polartech thermal materials, and front pockets. The quality of this piece is outstanding and something a little different to add to a winter wardrobe. Another stand out piece is the black waves jacquard sweater, which was designed by Brendan Monroe, and is made of cotton jacquard knit, and has a ribbed collar, cuffs, and bottom band. 

The interesting accessories that come in this collection, include two sets of incense, one named "Cabin Fever", and the other named "Rain". An accessory to accompany the incense,  is an acrylic incense holder, which is 9.5 inches by 1.5 inches. Also as part of the accessories in this collection, is a pack of 10 "Fuck Off" balloons and a "Fuck Off" foam hand. There is a multitude of beanies in the collection, one of which has a metal "Geowulf" embellishment. The others are the "Frozen Wave Toque", and the "Vertical Stripe Watch Cap". The final accessory in the collection is the "Ghost Squadron" scarf, which is branded with a "To The Very End" logo across it, and a ghostly hooded skull on either end. The scarf is made from jacquard acrylic, in a simple black and white colourway. 

The Raised By Wolves Fall/Winter 18 collection is available in store now and will be online soon, so head down to the store and check out the collection before it's all gone!