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Pleasures Spring '19

Pleasures Spring '19

The super popular LA brand Pleasures is the brainchild of Alex James, a man who has worked with many of todays most exciting brands. From working with Adidas, Dr Martins, and Raised By Wolves shows the versitility of the Pleasures brand since he co-founded it in 2015

Pleasures is a brand that takes clear influence from all genres of music and pop culture during 80s and 90s in LA. The brand has evolved over the years into a tangible moodboard for all his many inspirations from music, to films, photography, nature and various social cultures.

The Pleasures Spring 19 collection is dubbed  ‘Love is not Enough’, with heavy graphics taking place throughout as we have come to expect from the brand.

Stand out pieces include the Gangsta shirts taking inspiration from the iconic piece Leonardo Di' Caprio wore in the classic Romeo & Juliett. A T-Shirt adorned with two surgical-masked lovers sharing a kiss, with the caption “Germ Free Passion” underneath, and a jacket featuring a six fingered X-rayed hand placed between the words “I’m a threat to the system”. Cut and sew pieces also feature nicely, The collision track trousers, multi-coloured shorts and a fully "take no prisinor" embroidered sweatpant and hoody.

This collection further puts it's stamp on Pleasures’ non-conformist message, and use of distinctive graphic styles to capture their audience, with clear reference to music and current socio-political topics.

The Pleasures Spring '19 Collection is Available now both online and in store!