Karhu Synchron Classic OG

Karhu Synchron Classic OG

After the first drop of the Fusion 2.0 OG, Karhu have swiftly followed it up with a second OG in the form of a Synchron Classic. Karhu has grown within our store seemingly by the day and we are excited to get this one out to our customers. 

The colours used on this OG are a mix of greys with hits of blue and red, making the brighter colours really pop against an almost midnight background. In terms of materials, we get the usual high standard suede, leather and mesh that Karhu is recognised for in many aspects. 

This Synchron Classic OG is special because it replicates the shoe which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the brand Karhu and reitterates that achievement. 

We are releasing the Karhu Synchron Classic OG in store tomorrow (Friday 6th of July 2018) and they are prised at £110.00. Come down and grab a pair while stocks last, you don't want to miss this one!