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CLSC High Summer 18

CLSC High Summer 18

The High Summer collection from California streetwear brand, CLSC, has arrived. The on-brand designs are fluid throughout this drop, while maintaining the consistent vibe of the previous collections.

"My Man" imagery of Denzel on the "Training Day" tee and hoodie which CLSC deliver on point and have seen do so well in the past. So much so, we find ourselves looking forward to the next picture graphic items to come in future collections. We also see the return of the classic "Sucks To Suck" slogan on a Champion hoodie, as well as the simple but affective, "On One" tee. Not forgetting the Practise Champion Mesh Shorts in Black & Siver colour options!

These strong designs, along side the more minimalistic logo products, create clear correlational themes and an all-round feel for the collection.

The collection is available as a UK Exclusive in store now, and will be online soon so come see us and check out that CLSC High Summer 18 fire!






Photography by Ben Lowes

Modelled by Mark Surridge