Carrots Summer 18

Carrots Summer 18

Carrots Summer 18

Carrots Summer 18 collection has arrived at Main Source, and is a mix of classic tees, such as the Inari "Eye Chart" tee, long sleeves, and hoodies. Graphics from the Pacific Tote Co colab are vibrant  and eye catching, and the large logo prints on the tees are bold statement pieces, with the brand name in full view. The Pacific Tote Co colab hoodie has a large sunshine back print, with small embroidered detail of a carrot on the front, as well as sleeve printing. 

Also included in this collection, is the amazing cut and sew tote pouch, also part of the colab, in a split colourway of orange and green. The quality of the small, handheld bag is above and beyond, making it a durable and reliable form of storage on the go. 

The collection is available in store now, and online so come see us and check out Carrots Summer 18!